Documents on Bank Collapse

SIC Report (Excerpts in English)

SIC Report English Ch. 2

SIC Report English Ch. 17

SIC Report English Ch. 18

SIC Report English Ch. 21


SIC Report (in Icelandic)

Act 12 December 2008 on the SIC

SIC Report Vol. 1

SIC Report Vol. 2

SIC Report Vol. 3

SIC Report Vol. 4

SIC Report Vol. 5

SIC Report Vol. 6

SIC Report Vol. 7

SIC Report Vol. 8

SIC Report Vol. 9

Report of parliamentary committee on responses to SIC Report


Responses to the SIC Report (in Icelandic)

From Geir H. Haarde

From Ingibjorg S. Gisladottir

From Arni M. Mathiesen

From Bjorgvin G. Sigurdsson

From David Oddsson

From Ingimundur Fridriksson

From Eirikur Gudnason

From Jonas Fr. Jonsson

From Bjorgolfur Thor Bjorgolfsson

From Olafur R. Grimsson


Transcripts of Conversations and Testimonies

Transcript of Oddsson-Haarde Conversation 6 October 2008

Transcript of Darling-Mathiesen Conversation 7 October 2008


The Impeachment Case Against Geir H. Haarde

Judgement by Impeachment Court (Icelandic) 2012

Judgment by Strasbourg Court of Human Rights 2017


Online Books available on Bank Collapse

Deep Freeze by Bagus and Howden

Gambling Debt by Palsson, Durrenberger et al.


Foreign Reports on the 2007–9 Financial Crisis and Individual Banks

The Financial Crisis in Denmark (English Summary), Rangvad Commission

Den Finansielle Krise i Danmark (Danish), Rangvad Commission

Banking Crisis: the impact of the failure of the Icelandic banks, House of Commons

Banking Crisis: dealing with the failure of the British banks, House of Commons

The Failure of the Royal Bank of Scotland, FSA

The Financial Crisis Inquiry Report, US Congress

Dissent on Financial Crisis Inquiry Report, by Wallison

Emergency Actions of the Federal Reserve Board, US Congress

The Federal Reserve’s Foreign Exchange Swap Lines, by Fleming and Klagge

Report on the Non-Resident Portfolio at Danske Bank’s Estonian branch


Selected Reports and Documents of Banks and Financial Agencies

eQ Bank Annual Report 2007

FIH Bank Annual Report 2007

FIH Bank Annual Report 2008

FIH Bank Annual Report 2010

FIH Bank Annual Report 2011

FIH Bank Annual Report 2012

FIH Bank Annual Report 2013

FIH Bank Annual Report 2014

FIM Financial Statements 2008

FIM Financial Statements 2010

Evaluation of Norwegian Response to Icelandic Crisis (Norwegian)

Drobny conference Santa Monica 20–21 April 2006

Drobny conference Reykjavik 12–13 October 2006

Icelandic Krona Danger, Drobny Guest Research, 8 February 2006, by Leitner

Protection of Bank Deposits, Fact Sheet, Finma

FIN-FSA’s Action in Response to Icelandic Banking Crisis, by Vesala

FSA First Supervisory Notice to Heritable Bank / October 2008

Ernst & Young 20th Progress Report for Heritable Bank 10 March 2016

Ernst & Young Progress Report for KSF 7 April 2017


Minutes of FOMC (US) and Nedco and Transaction Committee (UK)

FOMC 27–28 March 2006

FOMC 10 May 2006

FOMC 28–29 June 2006

Court of Directors (BoE) July–December 2008

Transaction Committee (BoE) November 2007–March 2009


Reports on Economic Policy in Iceland 1991–2007

Sale of Shares in Landsbanki 2002, National Audit Office

Privatisation in Iceland 1998–2003, National Audit Office

Privatisation in Iceland 1992–2003, Economic Research Institute at University of Iceland

Economy, Politics and Welfare in Iceland, by Olafsdottir and Olafsson


Reports and Documents on the Icelandic Bank Boom

Icelandic Expansion in the UK (in Icelandic, with Summary in English, 2005), by Davidsdottir

Iceland’s Image: Strengths, Present State and Future Objectives (in Icelandic, 2008), by Gronfeldt et al.


Reports on the Bank Collapse

Report 26 February 2009 by Landsbanki CEOs, Arnason and Kristjansson

Report (in Icelandic) August 2009 on the Fall of Landsbanki, by Bragason

Report 30 March 2009 on the bank collapse, by Jännäri


Papers on the Bank Collapse

Iceland as Icarus (2009), by Wade

The Collapse of a Country (2009), by Danielsson and Zoega

Iceland: After the Fall (2010), by Gylfason

Lessons from Iceland (2010), by Wade and Sigurgeirsdottir

Iceland’s financial crisis (2012), by Morriss and Petursson

Gambling for resurrection in Iceland (2013), by Baldursson and Portes

A Feminist Theory of Corruption (2013), by Johnson, Einarsdottir and Petursdottir

Iceland: How Could This Happen? (2014), by Gylfason

The Rise, the Fall, and the Resurrection of Iceland (2017), by Benediktsdottir, Eggertsson and Thorarinsson


Documents on the Icesave Case

FSA Supervisory Notice to Landsbanki 3 October 2008

FSA Supervisory Notice to Landsbanki 6 October 2008

FSA Supervisory Notice to Landsbanki 10 October 2008

Landsbanki Freezing Order 8 October 2008

Memorandum on Talks between Iceland and the Netherlands 11 October 2008

Agreement between Iceland, the UK and the Netherlands 5 June 2009

Legal Advice of Mishcon de Reya in Icesave Dispute

Documents from Mishcon de Reya on Icesave Dispute

Summary of Agreement between Iceland, the UK and the Netherlands 9 December 2010

Notice by EFTA Surveillance Authority to Iceland

Response by Iceland to Notice from EFTA Surveillance Authority

Judgement 2013 of EFTA Court in Icesave case


Papers on the Icelandic Commonwealth

Institutional Evolution in the Icelandic Commonwealth, by Runolfsson [Solvason]

Private Creation and Enforcement of Law: A Historical Case, by Friedman

Law and Legislation in the Icelandic Commonwealth, by Lindal

A Millennium of Common Mountain Pastures in Iceland, by Eggertsson


Papers on Icelandic Economic History

No Experiments, Monumental Disasters, by Eggertsson


Papers on Icelandic Society and Politics

Brief History of Iceland, CBI

Iceland and the Nordic Model of Consensus Democracy, by Jonsson

The Icelandic Welfare State in the Twentieth Centuy, by Jonsson


Documents on Icelandic Society

Icelandic Translation of a Description of Iceland (1607), by Blefken


Papers on Iceland’s Foreign Relations

Henry VIII and Iceland, by Thorsteinsson

Scottish Plans for the Annexation of Iceland 1785–1813, by Agnarsdottir

Iceland in the Eighteenth Century, by Agnarsdottir

The Mackenzie Expedition to Iceland, by Agnarsdottir

1868 Report on the Resources of Iceland and Greenland, by Peirce

Robert J. Walker on Acquiring Greenland and Iceland, by Dyer

Iceland: A Peaceful Secession, by Halfdanarson

Severing the Ties, by Halfdanarson

The Soviet Challenge in Iceland 1956–9, by Ingimundarson

Sympathy and Self-Interest (2005), by Johannesson

The Cod and the Cold War (2006), by Gudmundsson

US-Icelandic Relations (2004), by Johannesson

The Pen and the Borrowed Sword (2008), by Helgason


Wikileaks Documents on Iceland

Ambassador van Voorst 26 May 2006 about relationship between Oddsson and Bush

Ambassador van Voorst 9 November 2007 about defence discussions

Ambassador van Voorst 12 September 2008 about Iceland’s bid for SC seat

Ambassador van Voorst 3 October 2008 about problems of the banks

Ambssador van Voorst 7 October 2008 about Landsbanki’s fall and Russian loan

Ambassador van Voorst 8 October 2008 about Glitnir’s fall and possible US assistance

Ambassador van Voorst 28 October 2008 about visits by US officials to Iceland

Ambassador van Voorst 29 October 2008 about request by CBI for dollar swap deal

Ambassador van Voorst 10 November 2008 about rifts within the Independence Party

Ambassador van Voorst 14 November 2008 about proposed cuts at Icelandic Foreign Ministry

Ambassador van Voorst 5 December 2008 about discussions on EU membership for Iceland

Ambassador van Voorst 26 January 2009 on the collapse of Haarde’s government

Ambassador van Voorst 9 February 2009 on attempts to remove CBI Governor Oddsson

Ambassador van Voorst 25 February 2009 on CBI Governor Oddsson’s defence of his record

Dossier (US Embassy?) on Landsbanki’s owners

Emails between IMF and Icelanders on Icesave

Icesave: Confidential Offer by UK and Dutch Negotiation Teams 2010

Icesave: Offer by Icelandic Negotiation Team 2010


Press Cuttings

Ingibjorg Solrun Gisladottir Defending Kaupthing and Jon Asgeir Johannesson 9 February 2003

Ingibjorg Solrun Gisladottir on Continued Deposit Collection of Banks 4 September 2008

Thorvaldur Gylfason on Moral Obligation to Pay Icesave 25 June 2009

Stefan Olafsson on Moral Obligation to Pay Icesave 17 August 2009

The Yacht of Jon Asgeir Johannesson and his Wife: Interview and Photos

Jon Asgeir Johannesson’s Newspaper Elects him Businessman of the Year in 2007



Gunnar Helgi Kristinsson: Bjarni friðar skrímsladeildina


Þórólfur Matthíasson: Icesave-samkomulagið



Þorvaldur Gylfason um lýðræði


Monaco-hátíð Baugs